Wyoming Native Plant Society By-laws (Feb. 2014)

Voting is currently open for 2018 officers. The 2018 ballot is available here for download (must be mailed to POB 2449, Laramie, WY  82070), or vote on-line here. Ballot must be received by January 31, 2018.

Current and Past Officers

Year President Vice-President Secretary/Treasurer Board
2017 Charmaine Delmatier
Katy Duffy
Dorothy Tuthill
Walt Fertig,
Brenda Schladweiler,
2016 Karen Clause
Brian Sebade
Dorothy Tuthill
Walt Fertig,
Bob Giurgevich,
2015 Karen Clause
Brian Sebade
Ann Boelter
Walt Fertig,
Bob Giurgevich,
2014 Dorothy Tuthill Karen Clause Ann Boelter Joan Lucas, Walt Fertig
2013 Dorothy Tuthill Walter Fertig Ann Boelter Drew King
Joan Lucas
2012 Amy Taylor Dorothy Tuthill Ann Boelter Drew King
Karen Clause
2011 Amy Taylor Dorothy Tuthill Ann Boelter Eve Warren, Karen Clause
2010 Lynn Moore Brian Elliott Ann Boelter Linda Dudinyak, Eve Warren
2009 Lynn Moore Brian Elliott Ann Boelter Curtis Haderlie, Linda Dudinyak
2008 Beth Burkhart Lynn Moore Ann Boelter Curtis Haderlie, Dave Scott
2007 Beth Burkhart Lynn Moore Ann Boelter Curtis Haderlie, Dave Scott
2006 Bonnie Heidel Lynn Moore Ann Boelter Curtis Haderlie, Mike Evans
2005 Bonnie Heidel Laura Hudson Ann Boelter Katherine Zacharkevics, Mike Evans
2004 Jean Daly Melanie Arnett Drew Arnold Katherine Zacharkevics, Kent Houston
2003 Jennifer Whipple Jean Daly Drew Arnold Jim Glennon, Kent Houston
2002-03 Jennifer Whipple Jean Daly Drew Arnold Jim Glennon, Claire Leon
2001-02 Joy Handley Nina Haas Walter Fertig Jim Ozenberger, Claire Leon
2000-01 Amy Roderick Taylor Joy Handley Walter Fertig Jim Ozenberger, Steve Laster
1999-2000 Jim Ozenberger Amy Roderick Laura Welp Nina Haas, Steve Laster
1998-99 Charmaine Refsdal Delmatier Jim Ozenberger Walter Fertig Nina Haas, Jennifer Whipple
1997-98 Charmaine Refsdal Richard Scott Walter Fertig Katy Duffy, Jennifer Whipple
1996-97 Jennifer Whipple Charmaine Refsdal Walter Fertig Katy Duffy, Jean Daly
1995-96 Barbara Amidon Jennifer Whipple Walter Fertig Diana Osuna, Jean Daly
1994-95 Barbara Amidon Mary Neighbours Walter Fertig Diana Osuna, Jennifer Whipple
1993-94 Phil White Barbara Amidon Walter Fertig George Jones, Jennifer Whipple
1992-93 Walter Fertig Nancy Kastning Hollis Marriott George Jones, Ernie Nelson
1991-92 Nancy Kastning Richard Scott Robert Dorn Walter Fertig, Mary Neighbours
1990-91 Neil Snow Nancy Kastning Robert Dorn Hollis Marriott, Mary Neighbours
1989-90 George Jones Neil Snow Robert Dorn Hollis Marriott, Ernie Nelson
1988-89 Hollis Marriott Neil Snow Robert Dorn Erwin Evert, Ernie Nelson
1987-88 Hollis Marriott Ernie Nelson Robert Dorn Erwin Evert, Neil Snow
1986-87 Phil White Ernie Nelson Robert Dorn Ann Aldrich, Hollis Marriott
1985-86 Don Despain Erwin Evert Robert Dorn Ann Aldrich, Phil White
1984-85 Ann Aldrich Tom Wolf Ellen Collins Don Despain, Phil White
1983-84 Erwin Evert Mark Stromberg Virginia Wheeler Ann Aldrich, Ernie Nelson
1982-83 Robert Dorn Ann Aldrich Robert Lichvar Richard Scott, Ernie Nelson
1981-82 Robert Lichvar Ronald Hartman Don Shute Richard Scott, Mark Stromberg