Wyoming Native Plant Society

Welcome to the Wyoming Native Plant Society (WNPS). Our goals are to encourage the appreciation and conservation of the native flora and plant communities of Wyoming through education, research, communication, and activities.

Membership is open to individuals, families, and organizations, including libraries, with an interest in Wyoming’s plant life. Activities include the annual summer field trip and the biennial Wyoming Plant Conference. Scholarships are awarded each year to undergraduate, or graduate students conducting research in Wyoming.

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All banner photographs are compliments of Susan Marsh.

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2015 Markow Scholarship/Small Grant Call for Applications

The Wyoming Native Plant Society’s Markow Scholarship/Small Grant committee is now accepting applications.  The deadline is February 20.

Download the Request for Applications here.

Short description:

The Wyoming Native Plant Society promotes appreciation, understanding and conservation of native plants and plant communities through its annual scholarship/small grants program. Thesis research may address any aspect of botany, including floristics, taxonomy, ecology, genetics, plant geography, range science, paleontology, pollination biology, physiology, and mycology. In addition, other projects such as botany curriculum development, public native plant gardens, and other forms of research will be considered.

Study or project proposals must pertain to native plants of Wyoming. Preference will be given to proposals expected to generate research data or promote public understanding. Up to $1,000 of expenses may be covered per proposal. Awards defray direct project costs, excluding labor or conferences. Eligible expenses include:

1) Direct costs of travel, meals, and lodging for research or education projects.

2) Supply and service expenses used for the sole purpose of the project (e.g., consumable supplies such as laboratory chemicals, soil and nursery stock, and services such as phone and computer time).

Download the Request for Applications here.

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