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Revised 27 December 2000

Adder’s tongue found near Old Faithful Oct 85:3

Additions to the Flora of Wyoming Oct 97:5; Dec 98:3; Mar 99:3

Adopt-A-Rare-Plant Feb 94:3

Agoseris lackschewitzii, a New Addition to the Flora of Wyoming Oct 93:4

Alpine Floras Feb 87:3

Alpine Lady Fern Oct 96:1

Alpine Poppy Dec 98:1

Alpine Wonders of the Snowy Range Feb 94:5-7

Alternative to Traditional Plant Keys, An Mar 98:7

American Elm, The Mar 99:6

American Trailplant May 00:1

Annual Meeting Oct 81:1; Jan 82:1, May 82:1; May 83:2,4; May 84:4; Feb 85:1; May 85:1; Oct 85:1; Feb 86:1; May 86:1,3; Oct 86:1; Feb 87:1; May 87:1,2; Oct 87:4; May 88:1; Oct 88:1; May 89:1; Oct 89:1; May 90:1; Feb 91:3; May 91; Oct 91:1; Feb 92:1; May 92:1; Oct 92:1; May 93:1,4

Annual Meeting Minutes Nov 84:1-3

Ant-Plant Symbiosis in the Aspen Sunflower Oct 92:1-2

Antennaria endangerii Oct 81:2; Jan 82:2; May 82:2

Apparent State Records for 1985 Feb 86:2

Apparent State Records in 1986 Feb 87:2

Apparent State Records in 1987: Feb 88:2; May 88:1

Aquatic Flowering Plants Oct 89:1

Are We Digging Echinacea Too Much? Dec 98:4-5

Arizona bluebell May 96:1

Artemisia Rusts in Wyoming May 96:6

Assumptions, Facts, and Lack of Facts About Seeds Oct 95:7

Aven Nelson’s 1899 Yellowstone Expedition Dec 99:4


Beating Around the Bush Dec 95:2

Beating Around the Bush, Jr. Oct 00:8

Bebb Willow Dec 96:1

Big Fall Creek Thermal Area, The Dec 97:5

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area Botanical Inventory Nov 84:4

Bighorn Canyon Vegetation Study May 88:4

Bighorn Native Plant Society Mar 00:8

Biological Limericks Mar 95:8

Black Hills Field Trip Itinerary May 00:11

Black Hills Landscape, The May 00:3-4

Black Hills Managed Forest, The May 00:4

BLM, Forest Service Land Interchange Proposal Brings Changes in Wyoming Feb 86:3-4

BLM State Sensitive Plant List is Needed Now More Than Ever, A Dec 95:3

Blowout Penstemon Oct 99:1

Blowout Penstemon: Wyoming’s First Endangered Plant Oct 99:4

Bogs and Fens in Wyoming Jan 83:3-4

Books for the Black Hills Explorer May 00:10

Book Reviews May 83:3 (Where Have all the Wildflowers Gone? & Intermountain Flora Vol 6)

Book Review (Colorado Flora: Eastern Slope) Oct 90:1-2; Feb 91:1

Botanical Accuracy in Hollywood Mar 98:8

Botanical Adventures on Bald Ridge Mar 95:6-7

Botanical Arts and Crafts: How to Make a Cocklebur Poodle Oct 95:3

Botanical Boners Oct 92:4; Feb 93:2; Oct 93:3

Botanical Crossroads, A (Black Hills) May 00:8

Botanical Exploration of the Owl Creek Mountains Oct 93:6-7

Botanical Dragnet Feb 91:1

Botanical Novelties Aug 81:2 (Nathaniel Wyeth); Oct 81:3 (Thomas Nuttall & John McLeod); Jan 82:3 (John C. Fremont, The Gordon Expedition); May 82:3-4 (Joseph Burke & Howard Stansbury); Oct 82:6 (Gunnison, Bryan, and Raynolds expeditions); Jan 83:5-6 (Ferdinand V. Hayden); Nov 83:2-3 (Watson, Coulter, & Porter); Mar 84:5 (E.L. Greene & C.C. Parry); May 84:3-4 (Marcus E. Jones & Frank Tweedy); Nov 84:4-5 (Per Axel Rydberg); Feb 85:3-4 (Aven Nelson); May 85: 3-4 (Agrostis rossiae & Abronia ammophila); Oct 85:2 (Astragalus simplicifolius & Oxytropis nana); Feb 86:2 (Eriogonum acaule & Haplopappus wardii); May 86:2-3 (Aquilegia laramiensis & Lesquerella macrocarpa); Oct 86:2 (Sphaeromeria simplex & Eriogonum lagopus); Feb 87:1 (Townsendia nuttallii & Cymopterus williamsii); May 87:2 (Aster mollis & Penstemon paysoniorum); Oct 87:1-2 (Astragalus drabelliformis & Physaria condensata); Feb 88:1 (Lesquerella fremontii & Trifolium barnebyi); May 88:2 (Astragalus proimanthus & Artemisia porteri); Oct 93:4-5 (Cirsium aridum, Phlox opalensis, Townsendia microcephala, & Yermo xanthocephalus).

Botanist’s Bookshelf Oct 93:3, 7 (Vascular Plants of Wyoming, second edition & Handbook of Rocky Mountain Plants); Feb 94:7 (A Field Guide to the Ecology of Western Forests & A Utah Flora, second edition); Oct 94:6-7 (Plant Identification Terminology: an Illustrated Glossary); Dec 94:7 (Bitterroot); May 95:7 (Mountains and Plains: The Ecology of Wyoming Landscapes); Oct 95:6 (Intermountain Flora, Vol. 5 Asterales); Mar 97:7 (The Alpine Flora of the Rocky Mountains: Vol 1: The Middle Rockies & Flowers of the Canyon Country); Oct 97:7 (Intermountain Flora, Vol 3A & Hortus West); Mar 98:5 (Pioneer Naturalists & A Wildflower by Any Other Name); Oct 98:7 (Illustrated Companion to Gleason and Cronquist’s Manual Illustrations of the Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada); Oct 99:6 (Brooklyn Botanic Garden 21st Century Gardening Series & Plant Talk)

Botanizing in the Swift Creek Research Natural Area Dec 94:6-7

Botany Briefs Dec 94:4-5 (Howellia aquatilis Listed as Threatened, Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Wins Award, Wyoming Rare Plant List Available, New Wyoming Records of Parasitic Fungi in 1994, New Plant Species for Wyoming, Educational Program Available from Colorado Native Plant Society); Mar 95:4-5 (More New Plants for Wyoming, First Record of Chamomile in Wyoming, Wyoming Rare Plant Field Guide Available, What Good are Native Plants Anyway?); May 95:6 (Teton Science School Programs, New Native Plant Publication, Still More New Plant Species for Wyoming); Oct 95:5 (USFWS Drops C2 Candidate List, New Wyoming Records of Parasitic Fungi); Dec 95:7 (Klaus Lackschewitz, Buffalograss, an Alternative to a Thirsty Lawn, Back from the Brink); Mar 96:5-6 (Even More New Species for Wyoming, Rexford Daubenmire, Changing Names, New Wyoming Records of Parasitic Fungi, Fossil Plants of the Bighorn Basin); May 96:5 (New USFWS Candidate Plant List); Oct 96:7 (New Wyoming Records of Parasitic Fungi in 1996); Dec 96:2 (1997 Wyoming Rare Plant Conference, Wildscapes Brochure Available); Mar 97: 6-7 (Winter Rust Collecting in Wyoming, Botany/Ecology Courses, Wyoming Species in the National Collection of Endangered Plants); Dec 97:4 (Rare Plant Habitat Protected by the BLM in Southwest Wyoming, More Additions to the Flora of Wyoming); Mar 98:7 (Master Gardeners Meeting in Casper, Update on Spiranthes diluvialis in Western North America); May 98:4 (Botany on the Internet, Teton Science School, National Wildflower Week Hotline); Oct 98:5 (Reed Rollins, USDA Deems Salsa a Vegetable, IUCN Study Documents International Rare Plant Crisis, Upcoming Colorado Native Plant Society Workshops); Dec 98:5 (Desert Yellowhead Proposed as Threatened, New Plants in North America, Line Creek Plateau RNA Proposed); Mar 99:7 (Yermo in the News, Oldest Fossil Flower Discovered, Executive Order on Invasive Species); Mar 99:2 (Mosses of Wyoming); Dec 99:2 (Atlas of the Vascular Plants of Wyoming); Mar 00:2-3 (Arabis pusilla Dropped from Candidate List, C.L. Porter, Six Research Natural Areas and Special Interest Areas Designated on Bridger-Teton National Forest); Dec 00:2 (No Action on Desert Yellowhead Listing).

Botany 130 Songbook, The May 94:5; Oct 94:8; Dec 94: 8; May 95:8; Oct 95:4; May 96:8; Oct 96:8; Dec 96: 8; Mar 97:8; Oct 98:8; Dec 00:8


Cacti in Wyoming May 88:1-2

Calling a Spathe a Spathe Feb 94:4

Can Rust Fungi Become Extinct? Mar 99:8

Candidate Mascot Plant Oct 81:3

Caper Family, The Oct 96:7

Carnivorous Plants: Terror of Wyoming’s Wetlands Dec 98:6-7

Cary’s Beardtongue Fen 94 1,8

Celebrating Wildflowers May 95:1

Checklist of the Flora of the Bighorn Mountains Feb 85:2-3

Checklist of the Flora of the Wind River Basin and Adjacent Areas Feb 88:4

Chenopodiaceous Shrubs in Wyoming Oct 87:3

Chloroplast DNA Variation in Haplopappus Section Oonopsis (Asteraceae) Feb 92:3

Collections of Parasitic Fungi in 1992 and 1993 Feb 94:4

Colorado Butterfly Plant Oct 82:3

Colorado Butterfly Plant Fact Sheet Mar 98:3-4

Colorado Butterfly Plant, Wyoming’s Newest Threatened Species, The Dec 00:1,4

Colorado NPS Workshops Feb 88:3

Conifers Feb 89:1

Correction to “Non-Native Plants of Wyoming” Oct 99:6


Deep Creek, a Botanical Treasure of the Sierra Madre Dec 96:7

Desert Yellowhead Fact Sheet Oct 98:4

Diversity May 92:3

Draft EIS for the MX Nov 83:1-2

Dried Flowers May 96:7

Dugout Gulch Jan 83:2; May 83:2

Dugout Gulch Saved! Nov 84:5


Endangered Species Act and Plants: Cutting Through the Confusion, The Mar 97:3

Endangered Species Program Oct 91:4-5

Endangered Wyoming Plant Protected (Sphaeromeria simplex) Jan 83:3

Enemy of Native Plants: Noxious Weeds, The Dec 00:3

Erythronium Research May 91:1

Exotics: Good Guys or Bad Guys? May 96: 4-5

Exploring Southwest Wyoming: Hickey and Sage Creek Mountains Mar 96:4-5

Exploring the Plants of Rendezvous Mountain Dec 96:4-5


Fall Flowers of Teton County Oct 97:6-7

Federal Agencies Move to Protect Rare Plant in Southwest Wyoming (Thelesperma pubescens) Oct 88:4

Field Work 1981 (R. Dorn) Oct 81:2; (E.F. Evert & D. Martin) Jan 82:2; (A. Aldrich & R. Lichvar) May 82:3, 5-6.

Field Work 1982 Jan 83:1-2 (E.F. Evert & R. Dorn); May 83:2 (R. Lichvar)

Field Work 1983 May 84:1

Field Trip Reports Dec 97:3; Oct 99:2-3; Oct 97:3-4; Oct 00:2-3

Final EIS for the MX Mar 84:1

Flora of the Medicine Bow Mountains Feb 85:1-2

Floral Valleys of the Black Hills May 00:6-7

Floristic Studies in the Southwestern Absarokas Oct 89:1-2

Floristic Survey of the Sierra Madre Mountains Feb 91:4

Forests Beneath Your Feet (mosses) Dec 96:3

Fossil Leaf from Late Cretaceous Deposits at Big Cedar Ridge Oct 00:1

Fruit or Vegetable? Feb 93:1

Fungus Flora of Greenhill Cemetery, The Oct 97:8


Germination and Viability of Yermo xanthocephalus akenes, On the Mar 00:4-6

Germination of Wildflower Seeds May 90:2

GIS?, What is Oct 91:3-4

Grasses May 89:2

Great Divide Basin Worth a Look, The May 98:6-7

Groups Agree to Protect Rare Plant at Air Base May 82:2

Growing Echinacea Oct 99:5

Growing Wild Plants from Seed Feb 90:2-4


Hardwood Harvest in Wyoming May 87:1

Hedge Bindweed May 99:1

Herbarium Expansion Won’t Take Space May 87:4

Highlights of the Annual Meeting Aug 81:1

High Plains Grasslands Research Station Oct 82:5

Historical Vegetation of Wyoming May 87:3

Horticultural Notes: Golden currant May 94:6

Horticultural Notes: Chrysothamnus nauseosus May 96:6

How Pristine Wyoming? Mar 84:1


Identification of Grasses, The (humor) May 95:4

Indian Paintbrush: State Flower of Wyoming Oct 94:1,6


Jackson Ski Area Expansion Threatens Native Plants May 96:3

Jelm Mountain’s Lichens Dec 95:7


Keep Protecting the Snail Darters May 82:3

Kendall Warm Springs Oct 95:1,5


Landscaping with Wildflowers and Other Native Plants Oct 96:5-6

Laramie False Sagebrush Jan 83:3

Large Round Leaf Orchid Mar 98:1

Lichens in the Medicine Bow Range Mar 97:7

Look at Linum and Linen, A Mar 97:4

Lost Plant of the Wyeth Expedition, The (Parthenium alpinum) Oct 89:2-4; Feb 90:1

Lovages of Wyoming, The Mar 95:1


Mascot Plant (Oxytropis nana) Jan 82:2

Meet Aven Nelson Feb 86:1

Minutes and List of Members in Attendance at the Annual Meeting Oct 82:1

Minutes from Annual Meeting Oct 85:1; Oct 86:1; Oct 87:1

Minutes of the 1983 Annual Meeting Nov 83:1

Missing in Wyoming (Asclepias uncialis) May 93:3-4

Missouri Botanical Garden, a Research Paradise, The Dec 94:3

Moonwort Mar 00:1

More Web Sites Dec 98:2

Mountain Lady’s-slipper Dec 94:1

Musings of a Mycologist Mar 96:8


Naked-Stemmed Parrya Oct 97:1

Names of Plants May 86:1-2

Native Plants and Roadside Revegetation in Wyoming May 95:4

Native Plants Could be Losers in Proposed BLM Land Transfer to States Oct 95:3

Nature Conservancy Expands in Wyoming Feb 90:2; May 90:3

Nelson, Ruth Ashton (obituary) Oct 87:4

New Additions to the Flora of Wyoming Feb 92:3-4

News from the Southeastern Absarokas May 85:4-5

News That’s Making News (Endangered Species Act) Oct 81:1; (Species Losses, Washakie Wilderness) Jan 82:1-2; (Protection for Sphaeromeria simplex, other Endangered species) May 82:1-2; (Dugout Gulch) Oct 82:2

New State Record (Chloris verticillata) Oct 89:2

New State Records Feb 90:1; Feb 92:1

Non-Native Plants of Wyoming May 99:7-10

North Fork Clover Patches May 83:1

North Fork Easter Daisy May 93:1

North Fork Well Mar 84:3

Notable Collection (Silphium integrifolium) May 85:6

Notes on Some Plants Occurring in the Beartooths Mar 84:2-3; May 84:1-3

Noteworthy Collections from Wyoming Oct 99:7; Oct 00:7 (New Plant Records for Wyoming, Constance’s spring-parsley a new species for the West, New Host Records of Wyoming Rust Fungi); Dec 00:2 (New Exotic Plants for Wyoming).

Noteworthy Discoveries Dec 99:7-8 (Bi-toothed Cinquefoil Rediscovered in Wyoming, More Native Plant Species Discovered in Wyoming in 1999, New Exotic Species for Wyoming); Mar 00:7 (Stephanomeria fluminea, a New Species Endemic to Wyoming, Mystery Wormwood Alive and Well in Utah, More New Plants for Wyoming)


Oaks in Wyoming Mar 97:5

Our Most Endangered Plants Have Yet to be Discovered Dec 99:6-7


Parry’s Primrose, Our Largest Native Primrose Dec 96:5

Penstemon caryi Feb 89:3

Physiologic Specialization in Wyoming Rust Fungi Dec 00:5

Plant Names Dec 00:5

Plant Newz May 81:1-2

Plant Oriented Websites Oct 98:2

Plants and Landscape Ecology Feb 92:4-5

Plant That Knocked the Socks off of Socrates, The Oct 99:6

Potpourri of Weeds, A May 99:3-6

Preliminary Classification of Wyoming Plant Communities May 84:1

Preliminary Sketch of Botany in Yellowstone National Park May 85:2-3

Presidential Memo Calls for Greener Landscaping Oct 94:7

Promotional Letter-Goals Aug 81:1

Protection Status of the Flora of the Wyoming Black Hills, The May 00:9

Pteridophytes in Wyoming Feb 88:1-2

Purple Loosestrife May 98:1

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Quotes Mar 00:8 (John C. Fremont); Oct 00:8 (E.L. Greene); Dec 00:8 (Charles A. Geyer).

Quotes Worth Quoting May 83:2


Rare Grass Rediscovered near Old Faithful, say Park Officials Oct 82:2

Rare Plant Display May 88:2

Rare Plants of Teton and Darby Canyons Dec 95:1,6-7

Rare Plant Status Aug 81:1

Requiem of an Aspen Clone May 98:2

Research Natural Areas on Shoshone National Forest Nov 84:3

Revegetation and Native Plants in the Rocky Mountain Region of the Forest Service Oct 94:4-5

Revolutionary New Taxonomy Sheds Light on Plant Kingdom (humor) Mar 00:3

Rocky Mountain Herbarium Celebrates Centennial Oct 93:1

Rocky Mountain Regional Rare Plant Conference Oct 81:1; Jan 82:1

Role of Genetics in the Conservation of Rare Plant Species, The Dec 97:6-7

Rosinweed Mar 96:1

Ross Bentgrass from YNP Oct 82:2

Ross Bentgrass one of State’s Crown Jewels Oct 82:3

Rupert Barneby and Duane Isely Dec 00:5

Russian Olive A Pest?? Mar 96:3


Sagebrush Oct 86:3-4

Sagebrush in the Laramie Basin Feb 87:2

Scholarship Oct 85:2

Seneca Snakeroot Dec 97:1

Silvery Lupine Mar 99:1

Society Objectives Oct 86:1

Some Late Cretaceous Native Conifers of Wyoming Oct 00:4-6

Some Notable Collections for 1983 Nov 83:3

Some Notable Collections for 1984 May 85: 4

Some Notable Collections for 1985 Feb 86:1-2

Some Notes Upon the Flora of Yellowstone National Park Dec 99:5

Some Suggested Scientific-Natural Areas for Wyoming (Sawtooth Palsa, Preacher Rock Bog, Dugout Gulch) Mar 84:4

Spiranthes diluvialis (Ute ladies tresses) Wyoming’s First Listed Threatened Plant Species May 94:3

State Flower, The Oct 88:1

Stop the Russian-Olive Invasion Dec 95:5

Strange Scientific Names Dec 97:2

Summer Field Trips May 94:7-8; May 98:3; May 99:11

Summer Field Trip Reports Oct 98:3

Survey Shows Yellowstone Beetle Threat Drops Sharply Oct 85:3

System of Natural Areas Needed for Wyoming Nov 83:2


Tall Forb Communities of Western Wyoming and Eastern Idaho Oct 96:4

Teton County Chapter Forms Oct 91:1

Them Botanists Dec 94:2

Thomas Nuttall: Naturalist and Personality in American History Mar 99:4-5

TNC in Wyoming May 86:4

Trio of Mustards, A Oct 98:1

Twig Talk: Winter Botany in Wyoming Mar 96:7


U.S. Air Force Moves in Defense of Colorado Butterfly Plant Feb 89:4

US Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Listing Colorado Butterfly Plant as Threatened Mar 98:2

U.S. Forest Service National Herbarium Moves to Laramie Oct 82:5

USFS Region 2 Designates Sensitive Plants Oct 93:8


Vegetation of the Black Hills May 00:5-6

Violets are Blue, Aren’t They? Dec 95: 4


Watch List Jan 82:3-6

What Happened to Carex rostrata? Mar 98:6

What is Rare? Oct 91:5-6; Feb 92:5-6

What’s Happening in the Black Hills? Feb 85:2

What’s in a Name? May 94:6 (Saussurea weberi); Oct 94:3 (Besseya); Mar 95:3 (Purshia)

What’s on Top (Devils Tower) Oct 86:2-3

Which Spruce is This? May 00:7

Why Save Rare Plants? May 94:1,4-5

Wild Bees and Floral Jewels Dec 00:6-7

Wilderness Jan 83:2

Wildflower Symposium May 89:3

Williams, Louis O. (obituary) May 91:3-4

Willows Feb 87:1-2

WNPS Losses Mainstay Oct 92:1

WNPS News Oct 93:2; Feb 94:2; May 94:2; Oct 94:2; Dec 94:2; Mar 95:2; May 95:2-3; Oct 95:2; Dec 95:2; Mar 96:2; May 96:2; Oct 96:2-3; Dec 96:2; Mar 97:2; May 97:2; Oct 97:2; Dec 97:2; Mar 98:2; May 98:2; Oct 98:2; Dec 98:2; Mar 99:2-3; May 99:2; Oct 99:2; Dec 99:2; Mar 00:2; May 00:2; Oct 00:2; Dec 00:2

WNPS Participation in State Parks Summer Programs May 88:4

Woodsman, Spare that Dead Tree May 98:5

Wyoming Black Hills Checklist May 86:4

Wyoming Botany in the 30’s May 88:2-3; Oct 88:2; Feb 89:3; May 89:3

Wyoming Conservation Congress Mar 96:2

Wyoming Endemics Oct 88:1-2 (Penstemon absarokensis & Cryptantha subcapitata); Feb 89:1 (Descurainia torulosa & Lomatium attenuatum); May 89:3 (Physaria eburniflora & Physaria dornii); Oct 89:2 (Thelesperma pubescens & Arabis pusilla); Feb 90:2 (Cymopterus evertii & Phlox pungens).

Wyoming Natural Areas Needs Workshop Nov 84:3-4

Wyoming Natural Heritage Program Plant Community Classification Oct 82:4-5

Wyoming’s Plant Bill Oct 81:2

Wyoming Plant Families Oct 90:3-5 (Asteraceae & Poaceae); Feb 91:2-3 (Brassicaceae & Cyperaceae); May 91:2-3 (Fabaceae & Scrophulariaceae); Oct 91:1-3 (Rosaceae & Ranunculaceae); Feb 92:1-2 (Apiaceae & Boraginaceae); May 92:2 (Caryophyllaceae & Polygonaceae); Oct 92:3 (Chenopodiaceae); Feb 93:2-3 (Onagraceae & Salicaceae); May 93:2 (Polemoniaceae & Liliaceae); Oct 93:3 (Lamiaceae & Saxifragaceae); Feb 94:4 (Ericaceae).

Wyoming Rare Plant Bill Jan 82:2

Wyoming’s Shirley Mountains Oct 98:6-7

Wyoming’s Surprising Killpecker Dunes May 95:5


Yellow Spring Beauty, The Oct 87:2

Yellowstone Plant will be Protected (Ross’ Bentgrass) May 82:2

Yellowstone Sand Verbena, The Dec 99:1,3