Past Scholarship and Grant Recipients

Year Recipient Project Title Award
2023 Chelsea-Victoria Turner Using Historical Specimen Data and New Floristic Inventories to Climate Change Refugia in the Big Horn Mountain Range $780
2023 Rachel Renne Investigating perennial forb microsites in big sagebrush ecosystems $1000
2022 Michelle Weschler Can noise from wind turbines affect pollination and native pollinators? $500
2022 Red Dirt Master Gardeners Hot Springs County Courthouse north entrance native plant garden $500
2021 Bridger Huhn Understanding the high photosynthetic rate of the rare plant Yermo xanthocephalus. $500
2020 Sienna Wessel Disentangling the drivers and effects of sagebrush steppe community diversity and composition to improve restoration outcomes $480
2020 Madison Crawford Monitoring Penstemon absarokensis populations and estimating the role of insect pollinators in the Wyoming Absaroka Mountain Range $500
2019 Alice Stears A demographic study of the species Oenothera coloradensis $980
2018 Jason Johns The genetic basis of adaptive alpine dwarfism in Aquilegia $750
2018 Stephanie Winters Linking soil ecology with vegetation management to optimize efforts of ponderosa pine after wildfires $864
2018 Jane Greaser 23rd Street Wildscape $500
2017 Rebecca Upjohn Restoring the West: Using plant functional traits to predict native shrub species response following Russian olive removal $750
2017 Jill Keith Evaluating value, usage and promotion of indigenous plants/foods of Wyoming and the west $500
2016 Jason Mercer Exploring alternative hydrological niches of rare plants in groundwater dependent mountain peatlands $1000
2015 Jiemin Guo Water stress and CO2 diffusion in leaves of 4 native trees $800
2014 Elizabeth Pansing
Sage and Snow Garden Club
Whitebark Pine Regeneration

Native Plants in Water-Wise Demonstration Garden

2013 Yelena Kosovich Bryophyte Inventory of Medicine Bow National Forest $500
2013 Olivia Nater, University of Wyoming Pollination Under Threat – How will climate change affect plant/bee mutualisms? $1000
2012 Teton County Conservation District Teton County Native Plant Pocket Guide $500
2012 Weston County Natural Resources District Xeriscape demonstration garden using native plants $845
2012 Andrew King, University of Wyoming Thematic map of forest changes due to mountain pine beetle $685
2010 Emma Sage
University of Wyoming
Determining the future carbon use of key Wyoming prairie species $300
2010 Nicholas Dowie
University of Wyoming
A unique pinedrops collection, an ancient lineage in danger? $300
2009 Monia Haselhorst
University of Wyoming
Recombination in spruce hybrids as a window to the physiological ecology of divergent species $500
2008 Brittany Jenkins
University of Wyoming
Genetic consequences of rarity among plant species in the genus Penstemon $500
2008 James Zier
University of Wyoming
Peatland response to Holocene climate change and susceptibility to future climate change, Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming $500
2007 David Scott
University of Wyoming
Floristic inventory of Grand Teton National Park and Pinyon Peak highlands $500
2007 Mark Lesser
University of Wyoming
Ponderosa pine colonization and expansion records, associated genetic structure, and influence of past climates on species’ range expansions $500
2006 Adam Rollins
University of Arkansas
The Myxomycetetes of Thunder Basin National Grassland among North American grasslands $300
2006 Nancy Bockino
University of Wyoming
Disturbance interactions between mountain pine beetle and blister rust in whitebark pine $300
2006 Robert Harms
University of Nebraska
Lichen flora of the Snowy Range $300
2005 Adam Siepielski
New Mexico State University
Geopgraphic mosaic of co-evolution for Clark’s Nutcrackers and bird dispersed pines in Wyoming and the greater Rocky Mountain region. $400
2005 Evelyn Hill
University of Wyoming
Ethnobotany of Grand Teton National Park $200
2004 Elizabeth Sanders
Southern Illinois University
Taxanomic and systematic test of the Abronia ammophila – Abronia mellifera – Abronia fragrans species complex using genetic markers $500
2004 Evelyn Hill
University of Wyoming
An ethnobotany of the Teton Ecosystem. $300
2004 Sally Madden
University of Wyoming
Long term effects of domestic livestock removal from Wyoming big sagebrush dominated rangelands: vegetative diversity and soil stability $200
2003 Erin Berquist
Colorado State University
Vegetative survey quantifying the effects of coalbed methane on native and non-native flora in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming $400
2002 Elizabeth Lack
University of Wyoming
A floristic and sensitive plant inventory of wetland and aquatic species in Wyoming $500
2001 Justen Bryant Whittall
Univ. California – Santa Barbara
Pollination and habitat characterization of the rare Wyoming endemic Aquilegia laramiensis (Ranunculaceae): the missing link to understanding the diversification of North American columbines? $500
2000 Mark Lyford
University of Wyoming
Holocene migration of Utah juniper in Wyoming $300
2000 Jodi Norris
University of Wyoming
Ponderosa pine biogeography $280
2000 Steve Gray
University of Wyoming
Tree-ring based reconstruction of climate variability in the Greater Yellowstone area $280
1999 Michael Tercek
Tulane University
Habitat requirements and evolution of Agrostis rossiae $400
1999 Michele Slaton
University of Wyoming
Effects of elevated carbon dioxide on alpine plants in the Medicine Bow Range $400
1998 Amy Roderick
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the North Platte watershed and Shirley Basin $500
1997 Barbara Packer
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the Laramie Range $200
1997 Lynn Kinter
University of Wyoming
Grassland and shrubland ecology in the upper Wind River watershed $200
1997 Mark Lyford
University of Wyoming
Past vegetation history of the Bighorn Range $200
1996 Kathy Doyle
University of Wyoming
Fire ecology in the Teton Range $200
1996 Laura Welp
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the Great Divide Basin $200
1995 Charmaine Refsdal
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of southwestern Wyoming and adjacent Utah $300
1994 Sandy Floyd
University of Colorado
Demography of Gaura neomexicana ssp. coloradensis on F.E. Warren Air Force Base $300
1993 Alan Redder
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the Haystack Mountains $300
1992 Judi Parham
Central WY College
Natural history of Ledum glandulosum in the Wind River Mountains $300
1991 Robin Jones
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the Owl Creek/Bridger Mountains $300
1990 Tim Evans
University of Wyoming
Biogeographic study of Haplopappus section Oonopsis $200
1990 Erik Hamerlynck
University of Wyoming
Possible subnivean photosynthesis in the subalpine species Erythronium grandiflorum and Caltha leptosepala $100
1989 Nancy Kastning
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the Park/Sierra Madre Range $200
1988 Neil Snow
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the headwaters of the Yellowstone River and surrounding areas $300
1987 Neil Snow
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the headwaters of the Yellowstone River and surrounding areas $100