Past Scholarship and Grant Recipients

Year Recipient Project Title Award



Jason Mercer


Jiemen Guo, University of Wyoming

Exploring alternative hydrological niches of rare plants in groundwater dependent mountain peatlands

Water stress and CO2 diffusion in leaves of 4 native trees




2014 Elizabeth Pansing
Sage and Snow Garden Club
Whitebark Pine RegenerationNative Plants in Water-Wise Demonstration Garden $600
2013 Yelena Kosovich Bryophyte Inventory of Medicine Bow National Forest $500
2013 Olivia Nater, University of Wyoming Pollination Under Threat – How will climate change affect plant/bee mutualisms? $1000
2012 Teton County Conservation District Teton County Native Plant Pocket Guide $500
2012 Weston County Natural Resources District Xeriscape demonstration garden using native plants $845
2012 Andrew King, University of Wyoming Thematic map of forest changes due to mountain pine beetle $685
2010 Emma Sage
University of Wyoming
Determining the future carbon use of key Wyoming prairie species $300
2010 Nicholas Dowie
University of Wyoming
A unique pinedrops collection, an ancient lineage in danger? $300
2009 Monia Haselhorst
University of Wyoming
Recombination in spruce hybrids as a window to the physiological ecology of divergent species $500
2008 Brittany Jenkins
University of Wyoming
Genetic consequences of rarity among plant species in the genus Penstemon $500
2008 James Zier
University of Wyoming
Peatland response to Holocene climate change and susceptibility to future climate change, Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming $500
2007 David Scott
University of Wyoming
Floristic inventory of Grand Teton National Park and Pinyon Peak highlands $500
2007 Mark Lesser
University of Wyoming
Ponderosa pine colonization and expansion records, associated genetic structure, and influence of past climates on species’ range expansions $500
2006 Adam Rollins
University of Arkansas
The Myxomycetetes of Thunder Basin National Grassland among North American grasslands $300
2006 Nancy Bockino
University of Wyoming
Disturbance interactions between mountain pine beetle and blister rust in whitebark pine $300
2006 Robert Harms
University of Nebraska
Lichen flora of the Snowy Range $300
2005 Adam Siepielski
New Mexico State University
Geopgraphic mosaic of co-evolution for Clark’s Nutcrackers and bird dispersed pines in Wyoming and the greater Rocky Mountain region. $400
2005 Evelyn Hill
University of Wyoming
Ethnobotany of Grand Teton National Park $200
2004 Elizabeth Sanders
Southern Illinois University
Taxanomic and systematic test of the Abronia ammophila – Abronia mellifera – Abronia fragrans species complex using genetic markers $500
2004 Evelyn Hill
University of Wyoming
An ethnobotany of the Teton Ecosystem. $300
2004 Sally Madden
University of Wyoming
Long term effects of domestic livestock removal from Wyoming big sagebrush dominated rangelands: vegetative diversity and soil stability $200
2003 Erin Berquist
Colorado State University
Vegetative survey quantifying the effects of coalbed methane on native and non-native flora in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming $400
2002 Elizabeth Lack
University of Wyoming
A floristic and sensitive plant inventory of wetland and aquatic species in Wyoming $500
2001 Justen Bryant Whittall
Univ. California – Santa Barbara
Pollination and habitat characterization of the rare Wyoming endemic Aquilegia laramiensis (Ranunculaceae): the missing link to understanding the diversification of North American columbines? $500
2000 Mark Lyford
University of Wyoming
Holocene migration of Utah juniper in Wyoming $300
2000 Jodi Norris
University of Wyoming
Ponderosa pine biogeography $280
2000 Steve Gray
University of Wyoming
Tree-ring based reconstruction of climate variability in the Greater Yellowstone area $280
1999 Michael Tercek
Tulane University
Habitat requirements and evolution of Agrostis rossiae $400
1999 Michele Slaton
University of Wyoming
Effects of elevated carbon dioxide on alpine plants in the Medicine Bow Range $400
1998 Amy Roderick
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the North Platte watershed and Shirley Basin $500
1997 Barbara Packer
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the Laramie Range $200
1997 Lynn Kinter
University of Wyoming
Grassland and shrubland ecology in the upper Wind River watershed $200
1997 Mark Lyford
University of Wyoming
Past vegetation history of the Bighorn Range $200
1996 Kathy Doyle
University of Wyoming
Fire ecology in the Teton Range $200
1996 Laura Welp
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the Great Divide Basin $200
1995 Charmaine Refsdal
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of southwestern Wyoming and adjacent Utah $300
1994 Sandy Floyd
University of Colorado
Demography of Gaura neomexicana ssp. coloradensis on F.E. Warren Air Force Base $300
1993 Alan Redder
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the Haystack Mountains $300
1992 Judi Parham
Central WY College
Natural history of Ledum glandulosum in the Wind River Mountains $300
1991 Robin Jones
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the Owl Creek/Bridger Mountains $300
1990 Tim Evans
University of Wyoming
Biogeographic study of Haplopappus section Oonopsis $200
1990 Erik Hamerlynck
University of Wyoming
Possible subnivean photosynthesis in the subalpine species Erythronium grandiflorum and Caltha leptosepala $100
1989 Nancy Kastning
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the Park/Sierra Madre Range $200
1988 Neil Snow
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the headwaters of the Yellowstone River and surrounding areas $300
1987 Neil Snow
University of Wyoming
Floristic survey of the headwaters of the Yellowstone River and surrounding areas $100