2014 Annual Meeting Announcement & Registration

The Wyoming Native Plant Society’s 2014 Annual Meeting and Field Trip information is now available, and registration is now open.

This year’s meeting will be at Red Canyon Ranch, just south of Lander, Wyoming.  It will be held inconjunction with the 2014 BioBlitz, sponsoredby Audubon Rockies, The Nature Conservancy and the UW Biodiversity Institute.

Click here for more information and to register!

Updated Plant ID Reference Guide

Below is the link to the 2014 Wyoming Vascular and Nonvascular Plant Identification References document, collated and provided by Bonnie Heidel.  Included are plant ID references, including every popular and technical book that has ever been reviewed in the newsletter (and some that haven’t), all current floras of adjoining states (since Wyoming’s doesn’t have habitat description or graphics), and a phone app for the first time.

Download the reference guide here.

Mailing Address Change!

Our mailing address is changing from P.O. Box 2500 to P.O. Box 2449.  We have used box 2500 for a long time but when the post office remodeled some years ago, 2500 became a larger box that costs more.  The Post Office let us continue using 2500 but actually put our mail into box 2449, a smaller one.  Recently we received a note in our box saying we can no longer continue to do this so we have opted to use the less expensive box that has been meeting our needs for years.