2013 Markow Scholarship/Small Grant

Download the following announcement for the 2013 Markow Scholarship/Small Grant here.

The Wyoming Native Plant Society promotes appreciation, understanding and conservation of native plants and plant communities through its annual scholarship/small grants program. Thesis research may address any aspect of botany, including floristics, taxonomy, ecology, genetics, plant geography, range science, paleontology, pollination biology, physiology, and mycology. In addition, other projects like botany curriculum development, public native plant gardens, and other research will be considered.

Project or study proposals must pertain to native plants of Wyoming. Preference will be given to proposals expected to generate research data or promote public understanding. Up to $1,000 of expenses may be covered per proposal. Awards defray direct project costs, excluding labor or conferences. Eligible expenses include:

  1. Direct costs of travel, meals, and lodging for research or education projects.
  2. Supply and service expenses used for the sole purpose of the project (e.g., consumable supplies such as laboratory chemicals, soil and nursery stock, and services such as phone and computer time).

The deadline for proposals is February 15. The grant competition is open to residents of Wyoming or members of WYNPS. Scholarships/small grants will be announced in April.

The grant proposal should be no longer than two pages and should include the following information:

  • Contact person and organizational affiliation, as appropriate
  • Mailing address, telephone number, and E-mail
  • Short abstract of the study or project (2-5 sentences)
  • Description of the study or project: objectives, methods, description of final product, and short description of past similar work (if applicable)
  • Description of how the study or project will benefit native plant conservation in Wyoming
  • Overall budget showing amount requested from WNPS ($1,000 or less) and the intended purpose of the funding, as well as other funding sources
  • Time frames for completion of the study or project
  • Brief statement of applicant’s qualifications or biography
  • Name, address, email address or phone number of two people as references.

Successful scholarship or grant applicants will be required to submit a final report documenting the study or project accomplishments to WYNPS, suitable for publication in the Castilleja newsletter, along with an accounting of how the funds were used.
Please send completed applications to:

Wyoming Native Plant Society
P.O. Box 2449
Laramie, WY 82073


Mailing Address Change!

Our mailing address is changing from P.O. Box 2500 to P.O. Box 2449.  We have used box 2500 for a long time but when the post office remodeled some years ago, 2500 became a larger box that costs more.  The Post Office let us continue using 2500 but actually put our mail into box 2449, a smaller one.  Recently we received a note in our box saying we can no longer continue to do this so we have opted to use the less expensive box that has been meeting our needs for years.

Guernsey State Park Events

Jill Wellborn will be leading two events this summer at Guernsey State Park (307-836-2334), which is something of a hidden gem with a wonderful flora.

  • Saturday, June 9th at 10:00 am – Native Plant Scavenger Hunt for kids and families featuring wildflowers and other plants of the short grass prairie ecosystem.  There will be a short hike around the hills surrounding the museum as we hunt for native plants.  Fun for all ages!
  • Saturday, August 4th at 10:00 am – Native Plant Hike. Check back for details.